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Recently I was playing Xbox 360 on my old 19″ grandma TV that sits in my Man Cave, when I realized how ridiculous using this turd of a television really is. I did the first thing any rational man would, pouted until my fiancee gave me the go-ahead to get a new HDTV. I went to Best Buy, and as just as I thought, I was overwhelmed with the insane number of choices available. Technology truly is a cold mistress, so instead of making a hasty decision like I usually do, I turned tail and ran back to my safe, cozy home.

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of doing tons of research for a purchase like this. I created this guide to better help others in making the arduous decision of getting a new television. The two most popular television technologies are LCD and Plasma. DLP is going out the door, and LED is too new, and too pricey to delegate if it is a viable choice.

Colors are more vivid on Plasma Televisions because they use cells as opposed to lighting behind the screen. This to me is huge, because I notice a lot of LCD TV’s that look washed out and bland.

Size plays a big factor in how viewable and playable games will be on a new television. I have a different guide addressing this. The main thing to keep in mind when buying a gaming television is to make sure that you don’t have to look around to see the entire screen. This is especially vital if you are a gamer like me that plays primarily first person shooters. lg 1 ton 5 star dual inverter ac

Glare is more prevalent on LCD televisions since they have a narrower viewing angle then Plasma. Also, because they are lighted from behind, in a bright room, or during the day, the screen is much darker, and less visible then Plasma television.

Refresh rate is a major concern with a new television as well. The higher the refresh rate, the better, and Plasma televisions always have a higher refresh rate then LCD sets. Refresh rate is important, because it dictates how fast the image changes when viewing the television. A low refresh rate can lead to choppiness when playing games.

Screen burn-in is more of an issue with Plasma, which is a downside if there was a lot of downtime when playing certain types of games like RPG’s. Personally I’m not worried about burn-in since it usually takes 2 hours or more to be noticeable.

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